Dog Photographer of the Year 2019: Portrait of deaf 14-year-old rescue dog takes top prize

Winners have been announced for the world’s biggest dog photography contest. Hosted by the Kennel Club, the Dog Photographer of the Year Competition 2019 has seen thousands of entries from canine-loving photographers all over the world.  This year’s overall winner is Denise Czichocki for her picture “Dreaming Merlin,” which captures Merlin, a 14-year-old, deaf rescue dog in Continue Reading

The truth about eating eggs

Are eggs helpful to our health… or a cause of heart disease? BBC Future examines the evidence. If there was such a thing as a perfect food, eggs would be a contender. They’re readily available, easy to cook, affordable and packed with protein. “The egg is meant to be something Continue Reading

New York’s beloved ‘black dirt’ onions

Pine Island’s unique ‘muck soil’ is high in sulphur, which increases the onions’ sugar content and makes them perfect for cooking. When Cheryl Rogowski, a farmer from Pine Island, New York, talks about the things that impact the area’s famous onion crop, she isn’t just talking about the weather forecast. Continue Reading

Das passiert an der Wasser-Abholstelle

Abkochen oder sich mit Wasserflaschen eindecken – diese Devise gilt aktuell für die Bewohner im gesamten Stadtgebiet. Wie berichtet, wurden im Hochbehälter Kümmernis coliforme Bakterien sowie Enterokokken festgestellt. Daraufhin ordnete das Gesundheitsamt Altötting Probenentnahmen an. Diese dauern nach Angaben von Pressesprecher Markus Huber auch weiterhin an. Eine Aufhebung der Abkochverordnung, Continue Reading